IJIWET - International Journal of Innovative Works in Engineering and Technology

IJIWET Vol-3 No-2



ISSN               : 2455-5797
Frequency     : Six issue per Year
Email              : info@ijiwet.com



Mapping Social Networks For Least Cost Influence Using Coupling

PP: 93-97
Authors: Bessmitha S, Shajini N

Probabilistic Failure Evaluation Of Cylindrical Pressure Vessel On A Three Parameter Criterion Using Monte Carlo Simulation

PP: 98-104
Authors: A. Krishnaveni

Optimum Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy System for the Lectrification of Puducherry Region’s Building

PP: 105-116
Authors: K Muruga Perumal, P Ajay-D-vimal Raj, M Sudhakaran

Simulation of Perturb & Observe MPPT Technique Using SEPIC Converter

PP: 117-125
Authors: M. Deepak Hari, S. Muralidharan

Global Energy Efficiency Policies for Electric Motor Drive System – A Review

PP: 126-133
Authors: M.Nagajothi, S.Venkatanarayanan, C.Gayathri, T.Parthiban

A Comparative analysis Of Various Optimization Techniques for MPPT in Renewable Energy System with Nonlinear Load Variation

PP: 134-143
Authors: K.Durgadevi, R.Rajathy

A Bridgeless SEPIC Converter for Power Factor Improvement

PP: 144-156
Authors: Hemalatha Gunasekaran, M .Sudhakaran

Review on Different Algorithms at Load Side for Solving Energy Management Problems with Micro Grids

PP: 157-166
Authors: Viswanath Gajula, R.Rajathy

A Cost Analysis of Demand Side Management for Different Pricing Strategies

PP: 167-175
Authors: R. Rajathy

Trust Based Methodologies for Preventing Attacks in MANET- A Survey

PP: 176-182
Authors: Amuthan A, Kaviarasan R

Energy Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms for LTE Networks

PP: 183-191
Authors: G. Sindhuja, V. Saminadan

Survey on Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for balancing Exploration and Exploitation

PP: 192-200
Authors: K.Deepa Thilak, A.Amuthan

Development of Simulation Models in Distribution Network using Energy Storage Systems

PP: 201-208
Authors: C.Gayathri, S.Venkatanarayanan, S.Nagajothi, S.Rathika

Expert System for Soil Macronutrient Recommendation

PP: 209-215
Authors: Aarthi.R, Sivakumar.D

Implementation of Cordic II Algorithm in Fastfourier Transform

PP: 216-223
Authors: N. Subhathra Devi, S. Tamilselvan

Analysis of Nano Composite Based Anti-Corona Coating on ACSR Conductor

PP: 224-232
Authors: I.Haripriya, V.Megala, C.Pugazhendhi Sugumaran

Key Updates and Audit Services for Outsourced Data Storages

PP: 233-237
Authors: Jefia Wilson R, Manju C Thayammal




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